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Lisa Hart LaskyLisa Hart Lasky

Sapphire HR Solutions

Lisa Hart Lasky, President of Sapphire HR Solutions, LLC provides Human Resource Consulting on a managed service or project basis to organizations of all sizes. With more than 25 years as a leader in the HR field and a consultative approach to solving business challenges related to people, Lisa and her team can help your organization through tough economic times, strong growth periods, and everything in between. Lisa received her BSBA Magna cum laude from David N. Myers University and her AA from Lorain County Community College. She’s a native of northeastern Ohio.

We are proud when our coaching and tools help our clients meet their needs. When you read our testimonials, you see the satisfaction clients have when the person they hire or develop exceeds their expectations. As a trusted advisor, we often hear the frustration of poor-performing employees and their cost to the organization. All our clients have unique businesses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t share the same struggles and expectations that hiring the right person solves. We help leaders hire, develop, engage, and retain a high performing workforce. We also prepare business leaders with knowledge, tools, and information that guide them in making better decisions regarding their people.

Whether it be new hires, succession planning, management coaching, or difficult employee situations, we have the expertise and tools that make the process as painless as possible. We believe that bringing the right person on board is the key to productivity, engagement, and success, and we have developed a comprehensive selection process based on the “total person” and their job fit within the organization.

We specialize in manufacturing, engineering, and health care markets although our staff has expertise in call centers, financial, automotive, IT, and many other environments. In addition to comprehensive consulting, we provide management coaching, assessment technology, 360o leadership evaluations, supervisory training, and we partner with many providers who simplify your job.

Our motto is:

“All people are precious gems in the right setting.”®

Let us guide you with your people issues. We’ve got you covered!